The contents of this blog are both varied and interrelated. My major research interest in the literatures, cultures and geographies of the Americas explains the overall title and theme of this blog, “Américas Studies.” My posts span across contemporary art, music, film, literature, politics, culture and much more! Moreover, I post on a range of broader issues related to digital scholarship and it’s growing influence on the way we conduct and disseminate research. Focusing on these key issues in the Americas and more generally in research, I aim to:

  • Illuminate the richly interconnected cross-sections that weave the Americas together,
  • Create a digital portfolio of my research interests,
  • Express the wider concerns that affect me and others as researchers as traditional scholarship becomes increasingly interposed with the Digital Age,
  • Open up new dialogues related to these issues.

Thank you for visiting. I welcome feedback and new dialogues related to any of the issues that my blog engages with. For more information about me, please visit the “About” page.

Best wishes

Donna Maria Alexander.


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